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12/10/96 The HTML & PDF files of "The Giant's Harp" have been corrected, regularized and newly formatted by Jesse W. James. They are now error free.


Rahul Sonnad has formatted 2 Adobe Acrobat PDF 3.0 files, one specifically for reading the lyrics on screen (though you can print it too) and one for printing them on paper economically.The printer file is not very good for screen reading, but is designed specifically to print superior copies, 2 per page in columns, which will save a lot of paper. Rahul has also kindly provided screen and print files for my 1993 poetry book Sentinel, currently in print by Penguin books, who do not feel that giving away work on the net injures the salability of books in the non-electronic market. Bravo!


Sentinel (words to the poetry book & spoken word CD)


Visions of the Dead 1993 or so Crack at a movie script 60k


A Strange Music .pdf

Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it repeat it repeat it repeat it... Kind of a modern Iliad wihout Helens or Heroes, this is my Gulf War Opus begun at the moment Desrt Storm commenced and ending with a dead raccoon on my porch the day it officially ended. It inspects not so much the Gulf War as CNN's coverage of the Gulf
War, the only war most of us knew. Watch me lose my infamous political innocence. Part reportage, part blank verse, part mystery story. It's got its moments. Yours for the downloading. 308k 246 pages


Flight of the Marie Helena - pdf file

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