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No one saw it better than Susan Mudgett. . .deadheads, that is. . . Reporters, DeadPundits, ecstatic reminiscers of all stripes, have all given their best shot to explain it to those who weren't there -and those who were- but their efforts pale before the simple utter accuracy of Ms. Mudgett and her Gators. The sequence of 5 GD shows begins at the Worcester, Mass. Centrum 4/4/87 show. and ends at Albany 3/23/91. Put on the tape, spread your screen and relive those thrilling days of yesteryear as a gator. There are seven of these gems, including one of the Garcia Band and one of my shows.

Gators #1-Worcester, Mass. Centrum 4.4.87.
Gators #2- Sullivan Stadium 7.4.87
Gators #3-Hartford Civic Center 4.3.88
Gators#4 Knickerbocker Arena,Albany, 3.24.90
Gators#5 Knickerbocker Arena,Albany, 3.23.91
Gators#6 Great Woods, Garcia Band, 9/9/89
Gators#7 Somerville Theater, Hunter solo, TC 11/10/90
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(don't call them alligators!)